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April, 2024

GitHub - containers/quadlet

Contribute to containers/quadlet development by creating an account on GitHub.

Modern Git Commands and Features You Should Be Using

<p> All of us - software engineers - use <code class="inline">git</code> every day, however most people only ever touch the most basic of commands, such as...

pytest-xdist — pytest-xdist documentation
Kobold letters – Lutra Security

Anyone who has had to deal with HTML emails on a technical level has probably reached the point where they wanted to quit their job or just set fire to all the mail clients due to their inconsistent implementations. But HTML emails are not just a source of frustration, they can also be a serious security risk.

How a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet From Hell Slowed Williams' F1 Cars For Years

One of history's greatest Formula 1 teams, Williams, has apparently been hamstrung by a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for years.